creative arts therapies and quality of life

For our research focus on artistic interventions in health promotion and prevention at the HKS – University of applied sciences and arts in Ottersberg I just conducted a literature review. As a result I compiled a dataset of 195 scientific articles from the last 15 years (2005 – 2020), that deal with Creative Arts Therapies and quality of life. Among the articles are especially empirical studies, including reviews and meta-analyses. I make them available to you as Open Data for free further use, as such an overview can be useful for various purposes, e.g:

  • scientific work
  • professional-political work
  • for a better argumentation with institutions to create a new position for Creative Arts Therapies
screenshot of an Excel table

what is quality of life?

Quality of life is a person’s subjective perception of the individual’s position in life in relation to the culture and value systems, in which the person lives and in relation to personal goals, expectations, standards and concerns. It is a broad concept, that is influenced in a complex way by a person’s physical health, psychological state, social relationships, personal beliefs and their position in relation to the outstanding characteristics of the environment” ​(Renneberg & Lippke, 2006)​.

creative arts therapies

The data set refers to the disciplines represented in the German scientific society for Creative Arts Therapies (WFKT):

data set

The data set can be sorted using the filter function in Excel and searched for keywords using the search function. All publications are provided with the following metadata:

  • discipline
  • citation (APA)
  • DOI
  • abstract
  • annotiation, if reviews or meta-analysis

Attention: Although this is a systematic search via Google Scholar, it is not a systematic review work. There is no claim to completeness. The scientific quality of the studies varies and has to be checked in each individual case.

The data set can be downloaded in the following file formats:

  1. Renneberg, B., & Lippke, S. (2006). Lebensqualität. In Springer-Lehrbuch (pp. 29–33). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. doi: 10.1007/978-3-540-47632-0_4

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