children’s drawings and RizbA

Here comes the first pilot study on RizbA and children’s drawings! Sarah Ladegast has investigated whether different developmental stages of children’s drawing can be measured using my rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA). Spoiler: They can. The study is freely available as Open Access with Open Data and Open Methodology.


This research work analyses whether the rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA) is able to measure the development stages of children’s drawings. It is theoratically based on the approach of Hans-Günther Richter about the development stages of childrens drawings. According to this approach, the following three development stages have been evaluated with RizbA.

  1. Scribble phase
  2. Work maturity
  3. Schematic phases I+II

For this pilot study drawings of 90 children from three age groups corresponding to the three development stages (children 1-4, 5-7 and 8-12 years) were raised. This sample was rated in an online study by art experts with the instrument RizbA.

The collected data was analysed by six RizbA items. The items evaluated the degree of objectively, perspective and precise representation. The mean values of the relevant items give conclusion about the three development stages and their extent of objectively, perspective and percise representation within the childrens drawings. With each of the six items there was a one factor variance analysis with an ANOVA. The ANOVA suggests a significant difference between the mean value of the three development stages for all six items.


Sarah Ladegast is an alumna of the study program Art in Social Contexts, Art Therapy and Education at the HKS – University of applied sciences and arts, Ottersberg. The pilot study is her bachelor thesis.


Ladegast, S. (2020). Untersuchung von Kinderzeichnungen: Erprobung des Ratinginstrument RizbA zur Untersuchung von Entwicklungsstufen der Kinderzeichnung [Investigation of children’s drawings: Testing the RizbA rating instrument to examine developmental stages of children’s drawing]. HKS – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Ottersberg. Open Science Framework.

In addition, the following material is available at Open Science Framework and can be used for further research under a CC-BY 4.0 license:

  • image material children’s drawings
  • raw data ratings of image material
  • syntax of statistical analysis (SPSS)

For questions and requests, please write directly to Sarah Ladegast.

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