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Out now! In 2019 I presented my research at the Inaugural International Art Therapy Practice/ Research Conference at the Queen Mary University of London organized by the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and the American Art Therapy Association (AATA). It was one of the best conferences I attended and I met wonderful new international colleagues. Now the conference preceedings book is published including my chapter, for which I provide you an Open Access preprint.

about the book

Huet, V., & Kapitan, L. (2021). International advances in art therapy research and practice: The emerging picture. Cambridge Scholars. ISBN: 1-5275-6584-X

Art therapists work with diverse people experiencing life-changing distress that cannot be expressed verbally. From its early beginnings in the UK and USA, art therapy is now attracting international interest and recognition. To meet ever-changing needs in uncertain times, art therapists worldwide are currently advancing socially just and culturally relevant practice and research. This book presents original contributions, highlighting innovative research and culturally diverse practices that are transforming art therapy with new insights and knowledge. It captures an internationally vibrant and truly client-centred profession, and will be of interest to arts therapists, artists in healthcare, psychotherapists, counsellors, and professionals who use art therapeutically in their practice.


  • Maria Regina A Alfonso
  • Carol Arnold
  • Patricia Bedford
  • Irit Belity
  • Katrina Bennett
  • Rachel Brandoff
  • Rena Buberoglu
  • Valentina Canonico
  • Oihika Chakrabarti
  • Marcia Sue Cohen-Liebman
  • Yael Domany
  • Simone Donnari
  • Franciele S. Gallina
  • Norma Irene García
  • Natalia Gomez
  • Ruth Guttfreund
  • Mariam Halawani
  • Emmanuela Halim
  • Eliza Homer
  • Daphna Kehila
  • Patritsia Kouveli
  • Francesca La Nave-Wright
  • Marián López Fernández Cao
  • Rodrigo J. Madalóz
  • Denise Malis
  • Deirdrie McConnell
  • Einat Metzl
  • Michelle Michelle
  • Åse Minde
  • Lesley Morris
  • Marleen Muthert
  • Gary Nash
  • Graciela R. Ormezzano
  • Barbara Parker-Bell
  • Erin Partridge
  • Carolina Peral Jiménez
  • Sara Powell
  • Mimmu Rankanen
  • Dafna Regev
  • Kerstin Schoch
  • Sally Schofield
  • Rena Shein
  • Varvara Sidorova
  • Nili Sigal
  • Sharon Snir
  • Sara Stayne
  • Kristyn Stickley
  • Devran Tan
  • Jody Thomson
  • Monique van Tuin
  • Benthe Versluijs
  • Jill Westwood
  • Tessa Whyatt
  • Denise Wolf
  • Karen Wright

open acces

The conference was one of the best art therapy conferences I attended so far. So I’m happy to be part of this publication although the publisher lacks my usual Open Access standards. This is why I provide you with my chapter as a preprint. In this you get a brief and easily understandable overview on the rating instrument of two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA) and the first three validation studies I conducted to develop and validate it.

Schoch, K. (2021). How to measure art: Three validations studies on the RizbA, a quantitative rating instrument to assess pictorial expression. In V. Huet & L. Kapitan (Eds.), International advances in art therapy research and practice: The emerging picture (pp. 149-157). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


to the editors Val Huet and Lynn Kapitan. It was a pleasure working with you!

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