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I am concerned to see how attempts are once again being made to restrict and censor freedom of art and science. It goes without saying that our goal must be to intersectionally combat discrimination. This includes anti-semitism, but also racism, migratism, classism, ableism, sanism, ageism, queer hate, sexism and much more. After 8 years of studying and 10 years of working in Academia as a researcher, equal opportunities commisioner and feminist, I can say that Academia is also full of these isms. In most cases, they remain without consequences for the perpetrators of violence, without justice for those affected, and associated with disadvantages for those who address them.

How about we start fighting actual discrimination together instead of abolishing spaces of discourse under a performative guise? The performativity of a state that plays off anti-semitism against racism, does not want to differentiate between criticism of war crimes and anti-semitism and at the same time fails to prevent right-wing extremist networks.

We are once again living in times in which we should agree that the enemy is on the right. If we are no longer allowed to conduct social discourse in the arts and sciences, then where are we gonna conduct them?

Screenshot eines Ausschnitts eines Artikels von Analyse & Kritik mit dem Titel "Gesinnungspolitik gegen linke Studierende | Screenshot of an excerpt from an article by Analyse & Kritik entitled "Gesinnungspolitik gegen linke Studierende"

Jawabre, S. (2024). Gesinnungspolitik gegen linke Studierende [Politics of opinion against left-wing students]. Analyse und Kritik, 703. https://www.akweb.de/politik/gesinnungspolitik-gegen-palaestina-solidarische-linke-studierende-an-berliner-hochschulen-wird-das-ordnungsrecht-wieder-eingefuehrt

Screenshot eines Ausschnitts eines Newsletters von Zeit wissen mit dem Titel "Antisemitismus: CDU und CSU fordern Förderstopp für inkonsequente Unis" | Screenshot of an excerpt from a Zeit wissen newsletter entitled "Anti-Semitism: CDU and CSU call for funding stop for inconsistent universities"

Newsletter Zeit Wissen3 (2024). Zeit Wissen3: Nachrichten aus Hochschule, Wissenschaft, Scientific Community. https://www.zeit.de/wissend

Screenshot der Webseite des Kulturzentrums Oyoun und des Offenen Briefs mit dem Titel "Oyoun muss bleiben. Gerade in Deutschland. Gerade jetzt." | Screenshot of the website of the Oyoun cultural center and the open letter entitled "Oyoun must stay. Especially in Germany. Especially now."

Oyoun (2024). Kultur neu denken [Rethinking culture]. https://oyoun.de
Oyoun (2023). Open Letter: Oyoun must stay! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0Ni47hWpgKWZduBFe9TcFgfF37QwTj4Ejq97cxeo5HExl_g/viewfor

Screenshot eines Artikels der Max Planck Stiftung mit dem Titel "Wissenschaftsförderung nur bei Gesinnungsbekenntnissen ist verfassungswidrig" | Screenshot of an article by the Max Planck Foundation entitled "Science funding only for professions of conviction is unconstitutional"

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (2024). Wissenschaftsförderung nur bei Gesinnungsbekenntnissen ist verfassungswidrig [Funding science only in the case of professions of conviction is unconstitutional]. https://www.mpg.de/21482023/antidiskriminierungsklausel-auer-poscher

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