faces of an exhibition

Can art tell something about schizophrenia that language cannot express? FACES OF AN EXHIBITION is an immersive documentary that accompanies the first project of our Pop-Up Institute. A group of artists with and without schizophrenia experience create mental – an art festival on schizophrenia and against sanism. The documentary is now freely available.

With: Barbara, Constantin, Kerstin, Lily, Marcello, Maren, Mathias, Ngoc, Sara, Verena
Visitors of the exhibition: Ivo, Julie, Jurek, Marek

Director / camera: Nina Wesemann, Simon Reichel
Production: Haus ACF (Simon Reichel)
Editing: Urte Alfs, Simon Reichel

Additional camera: Laura Kansy
Sounddesign / Mix: Max Walter
Grading: David Wesemann
Title: David Benedek
Music: “In” & “Rainworld” by Ludwig Wandinger

Funded by Volkswagen Foundation

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