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This website is about art, art therapy, psychology and open science. I am Kerstin Schoch, an artist, art therapist and psychologist and currently doing my PhD (cand. phil.) at Witten/Herdecke University.

As an art therapist I worked for ten years in different work fields, in particular with mentally ill and traumatized children and adolescents. Since more than ten years I am free-lancing as kunsthochzwei and blogging, although by now I focus on research and teaching.

Besides that I am diversity respresentant and research assistant at the Institute for Art Therapy and Research at HKS – University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ottersberg and have teaching assignments at several universitites. I am alumna of the Open Science Fellow Programm funded by Wikimedia Germany, Stifterverband and VolkswagenStiftung and fell for Open Science.

art & art therapy

Art allows diverse perspectives and opens new prospects. Art therapy is an approach using the medium of visual art. Thoughts, emotions, problems and situations can be expressed in artistic work and thereby be approached constructively. She invites to play with visual arts and the inner self. She encouraged new, creative and solution-oriented behavior and fosters personal development.

painting mixed media on canvas

Dies ist gut so, da der Gedanke, etwas “falsch” beziehungsweise “nicht gut” zu machen uns häufig daran hindert eigene Ideen umzusetzen. Im diesem wertfreien Rahmen prozessorientierter Arbeit können neue, kreative Erfahrungen gemacht werden.

My approach is process-oriented and works with the individual artistic process of each person. While doing so, the focus does not lie on the product, but the creation itself. There are no firm targets who a final product has to look like. The primary objective is not to “paint well” or learn artistic techniques, but to find and develop your own authentic expression. This is important, because the thought of doing something “wrong” or “not good” prevents many people from trying to implement their ideas. In this value-free setting of process-oriented work new, creative experiences can be made.

The artistic material used hereby is as various as the people themselves. They reach from drawing and painting to collage, sculpturing, photography and textile towards contempory formats like installation and performance art.

open science

Currently there are more and more populistic voices doubting scientific knowledge. The more important it is for research to take place beyond its ivory tower, but being transparent and publicly acessible. If we suceed in creating a discourse between science and society, we get a little closer to a free, participative and equal society.

As a scientist my research focuses on quantitative methodology in a transdisciplinary field between art, art therapy and psychology. It addresses the development of a quantitative questionnaire for formal picture analysis. The current status can be found at my blog.

a group of scientists
Open Science Fellows Program, Kick-off meeting 2018/19 (21.-23.9.18), 2nd day of event 22 September, Berlin, Wikimedia Germany. (Photo: Ralf Rebmann, disclosure under CC BY-SA 4.0)

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