RizbA for really everyone

My rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA) can now also be used by experts from other disciplines than the visual arts, e.g. psychologists, pedagogues and researchers. The validation study was carried out by Julia Jerusalem at the Witten/Herdecke University and is freely accessible as Open Access with Open Data. The extended questionnaire is now also freely available.

Image section of the RizbA questionnaire

the validation study

This study examines, whether the rating instrument for two-dimensional creative works (RizbA), in combination with a manual, can also be used successfully by non-art experts. RizbA is a quantitative questionnaire for capturing pictorial expression and enables an objective and reliable image analysis, which opens up a variety of new perspectives in art therapy research and practical documentation. Four rater groups were formed (art experts without manual, art experts with manual, non-art experts without manual, non-art experts with manual). Based on the items of the RizbA, they assessed seven randomly assigned images as part of an online study. The collected data were examined for the quality criteria of inter-rater reliability, capacity of differentiation and item difficulty. The results show beneficial effects especially for non-art experts using the created manual while working with RizbA. The values of the quality criteria remain at the non-art experts, except for the capacity of differentiation for the overall test of the art experts without manual, below the values oft he art experts. However, the values in the group of non-art experts with manual are in a good area. The values of the art experts could also be partly improved by the manual.

Jerusalem, J. L. L. (2020, February 20). Rizba für alle: Überprüfung der Einsatzmöglichkeiten eines Ratinginstruments für zweidimensionale bildnerische Arbeiten (RizbA) und des neu dazu erstellten Manuals [Rizba for everyone: Review of the possible uses of a rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA) and the newly created manual]. Witten/Herdecke University. Open Science Framework. https://osf.io/nsw49

The whole study including Open Data is accessible via the repository Open Science Framework.

questionnaire with explanatory notes

The RizbA questionnaire with explanatory notes is freely avaliable (CC-BY 4.0). You can download it from the Zenodo repository and use it in your documentation and research:

Schoch, K. (2020, April 24). Ratinginstrument für zweidimensionale bildnerische Arbeiten (RizbA): Fragebogen mit Erläuterungen in deutscher Sprache [Rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA): Questionnaire with explanatory notes in German language]. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3765221


to all of you who participated in one or the other study and made this possible!

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