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Foto eines Pinsels und eines Rührbesens, die beide mit Farbe versehen sind

study art therapy 2.0

Now there’s an update to my popular blog post about studying art therapy. I am regularly asked two things: whether I can recommend studying art therapy and where you can study art therapy. The first question is easy to answer: Yup. Art therapy is awesome and I would choose it again. This blog post on universities with art therapy courses in Germany is dedicated to the second question. Read more →

psychometrics of art

All good things are worth waiting for and getting published. My study conducted in 2017 has now been published in the Creativity Research Journal after a few rounds of peer review. The study validated the Rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA) on 880 drawings, paintings, and collages created by non-artists and non-professional artists. Spoiler: It works. Read more →