Eine silberne Klangkugel auf Steinboden, dahinter stehende eine Person mit Stativ und Kamera, eine stehende Person mit Kind sowie zwei sitzende Personen | A silver sound ball on stone floor, behind it standing a person with tripod and camera, a standing person with child and two sitting persons


Yay, our Pop-up Institute starts into the artistic phase! In the kick-off meeting on June 24/25, 2021, all collaborators met for the first time in Berlin to artistically work together. In the team: Experts with schizophrenia experience, experts in Creative Arts Therapies, visual arts, music, performance, dance and theater as well as a director and camerawoman. Read more →

art on the couch

Gerade war ich Gästin beim RADIO FOLKWANG, dem Podcast des Museums Folkwang, und habe dort mit Annika Schank und Sarah Bockting über die Sammlung, Psychologie, Kunsttherapie und Mental Health gesprochen. Dabei haben wir uns so gut unterhalten, dass es schnell mal zwei Stunden und daraus zwei Folgen wurden. Hört rein. Read more →

knowledge equity

Open ≠ equity. As a mentor in the Open Science Fellow Program and in collaboration with Wikimedia Germany, other mentors, and a fellow I created a learning unit on Knowledge Equity. It includes short video inputs on the Wikimedia Movement Strategy 2030, privilege and discrimination in research, inclusive education, social inequality in academia, and language diversity in research. Freely available as always. Read more →

eine einfarbige blaue Fläche / a solid blue surface

forum positions

Together with Raja Goltz and Lea Jungmann, I am organizing the Forum Positions in the summer semester 2021 at the HKS – University of Applied Sciences and Arts Ottersberg. The event offers exciting talks on arts, science, pedagogy, psychology and intersectionality. The talks are partly in German, partly in English, always digital, public and free of charge. Register and be part of it. Read more →

kreisförmige Zeichnung mit schwarzer Umrandung und farbiger Füllung in grün und magenta

nuremberg forum for art therapy and research

My colleagues Johanna Masuch and Leonie Antwerpen, with whom I just conducted a collaborative study, are planning a transdisciplinary conference on art therapy and research in September 2021, where I’m also invited as a speaker. All information on the Call for Posters and registration in this blogpost. Read more →

ein Haufen Buchstaben auf einem Scrabble Spielfeld / a bunch of letters at a Scrabble board playfield

awareness concept for digital events

In collaboration with Lea Jungmann and within my work as a lecturer and equal opportunities representant at the HKS – University of applied sciences and arts in Ottersberg, I just created an awareness concept for digital events. It contains recommendations regarding awareness persons, safer space breakout rooms, neo-/pronouns, terminology and more. Read more →

various tubes of oil paint

giving the art a greater weight in psychology

Bam! My paper on RizbA and contemporary visual art is published. Funded by the Open Science Fellows Program by Wikimedia Germany, Stifterverband and Volkswagen Foundation, it’s fully Open Access and provides Open Data and Open Methodology. Go on and get it, read it and use the material for your own study. Read more →

a child sits on the floor holding a color pencil over a white sheet of paper

children’s drawings and RizbA

Here comes the first pilot study on RizbA and children’s drawings! Sarah Ladegast has investigated whether different developmental stages of children’s drawing can be measured using my rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA). Spoiler: They can. The study is freely available as Open Access with Open Data and Open Methodology. Read more →

verschiedene Farbschichten auf weißen Untergrund

precarious equality in universities

It’s time for a critical comment on equality structures at small universities in Germany. In 2019, I was elected by the vote of all female university members (yes, the election regulations still see gender in a binary way) to be the equal opportunities representant of the HKS – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Ottersberg. I am thankful for this trust that has been placed in me. This is one of the reasons why I would like to address structural deficiencies in my work and that of other equal opportunity representants. Read more →

performance situation: Simone's hands touching Kerstin's face, that is covered with confetti

what do I need you for?

Just in time for the end of my current third-party funding position at the HKS – University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ottersberg, Raoul Pilcicki, Sara Schwienbacher and I just published our publication on new trans- and postdisciplinary in art and research. Among other positions, it includes my article on science as a critical stance: objectivity, feminist research and open science. The book is now digitally available as Open Access. Read more →