Screenshot mehrer Artikel | screenshot of several articles

hello freedom of art and science

I am concerned to see how attempts are once again being made to restrict and censor freedom of art and science. It goes without saying that our goal must be to intersectionally combat discrimination. But not by abolishing spaces of discourse – on the contrary. Read more →

Foto eines Pinsels und eines Rührbesens, die beide mit Farbe versehen sind

study art therapy 2.0

Now there’s an update to my popular blog post about studying art therapy. I am regularly asked two things: whether I can recommend studying art therapy and where you can study art therapy. The first question is easy to answer: Yup. Art therapy is awesome and I would choose it again. This blog post on universities with art therapy courses in Germany is dedicated to the second question. Read more →

art + anti-sanism

Digital, free of charge and open to all. On April 10, 2024, there will be our next film screening of FACES OF AN EXHIBITION: We will show the documentary on the work of our Pop-up Institute at our Campus Arts and Change of the Medical School Hamburg – including a Q&A session with collaborators. Be part of it! Read more →

erste Seite der Publikation

empirics vs. art theory

Out now! My latest scientific article is now published at the Creativity Research Journal. It investigates a factor structure of my Rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA) and discusses current gaps between art theory and empirical research on art. All data, methodology, and a preprint version are freely available under the premises of Open Science. Read more →

Eine Person von hinten, die mit beiden Händen an eine Wand mit schwarzer Farbe malt. Darüber steht: Gesichter einer Ausstellung – Ein Film über Kunst und Schizophrenie

faces of an exhibition

Can art tell something about schizophrenia that language cannot express? FACES OF AN EXHIBITION is an immersive documentary that accompanies the first project of our Pop-Up Institute. A group of artists with and without schizophrenia experience create mental – an art festival on schizophrenia and against sanism. The documentary is now freely available. Read more →

Screenshot der Titelseite der Publikation | screenshot of the publication’s title page

delir in pictorial works

Does delirium present itself in pictorial works? My colleagues just published a clinical study on this question, which uses my Rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA). It is a systematic analysis of images of people in an geriatric context. As a co-author, I provided methodical advice on the use and analysis of Rizba. Read more →

Sharepic: a photography with a blurred portrait of a person looking in a mirror. The text says: "Virtual presentation" and "Dismante sanism: feminist therapy and Open Science"

feminist therapy + open science

Dismantle Sanism. On May 17, 2023, I will be holding a free digital workshop on sanism at the Medical School Hamburg. Sign up, drop in, and join the discussion on how we can make therapy and research more sensitive to discrimination. Read more →

screenshot of the scientific article | Screenshot des wissenschaftlichen Artikels

knowledge equity + open science

Towards feminist research practices. Felicitas Kruschick and I just published our scientific article on knowledge equity and Open Science. The publication is part of the RIO special issue Bootstrapping the Open Science culture enabled by the Open Science Fellows Program by Wikimedia Germany. And of course, it’s Open Access. Read more →

A screenshot of the scientif article | Ein Screenshot des wissenschaftlichen Artikels

open editors

Make things open, it makes them better. We just published our scientific article addressing diversity of editorial boards in social science. I’m so happy about this lovely postdisciplinary collaboration with Andreas Nishikawa-Pacher and Tamara Heck within the Open Science Fellow Program by Wikimedia Germany. The name speaks for itself: It’s completely open including Open Source and Open Access. Read more →

Sharepic in which is written: 19.10.2022, Superrrr Lab, Dismantle Sanism: Creating a utopia in therapy and science, with Dr. phil. Kerstin Schoch and Lea Jungmann.

dismantle sanism

Sanism is everywhere but rarely talked about, in particular in therapy and science. This is why Lea Jungmann and I are doing this workshop for Disruption Network Lab at 19 October 2022. It‘s also a warming up for the upcoming conference MADNESS: Fighting for justice in mental health. Read more →