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We’ve been to Marzahn and made art. On September 5/6, 2021, one of our subprojects of the Pop-up Institute met and worked together with spray chalk, gouache, charcoal, pigments and object trouvés in a production hall that will soon be demolished. Besides two experts with schizophrenia experience as well as two artists and creative arts therapists, Nina Wesemann cinematically accompanied us.

vor einer mit schwarz und weiß besprühten Wand sind ebenfalls schwarze und weiße Gegenstände zu einer Komposition arrangiert | in front of a wall sprayed with black and white, black and white objects are arranged into a composition

The goal of this collaboration is to artistically capture individual experiences with schizophrenia and to make them aesthetically experienceable. This subproject focuses on the media of visual art, space-related conceptions and performance. With a little patience, you can see the results next year in an intermedial, interactive exhibition in Berlin. And since we’re doing science communication with artistic media, we’ll let the pictures do the talking in this blog post, too.

Thanks to all collaborators for your great cooperation and to Konnekt.Berlin for letting us use your space!

vor einer schwarz-weißen Säule steht eine schwarzbekleidete Person mit schwarzen Haaren, die mit dem Hintergrund verschmilzt | in front of a black and white column stands a person dressed in black with black hair that merges with the background
durch einen bemalten Spiegel schimmert das Porträt einer Person hindurch | through a painted mirror shimmers the portrait of a person
eine Person hockt in einem Raum, rechts und links neben ihr an der Wand sind überlebensgroße Portraits gezeichnet | a person squats in a room, to the right and left of him on the wall are drawn larger-than-life portraits
der Blick durch eine Tür hindurch zeigt einen weißen Raum, dessen Wände mit schwarzen floralen Formen bemalt sind | the view through a door shows a white room with walls painted with black floral shapes
eine Person hat einen weißem Eimer über den Kopf gestülpt und steht, die Hände in die Hüften gestützt vor einer schwarz-weiß bemalten Wand | a person has a white bucket over his head and stands with his hands on his hips in front of a black and white painted wall

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