Sharepic: a photography with a blurred portrait of a person looking in a mirror. The text says: "Virtual presentation" and "Dismante sanism: feminist therapy and Open Science"

feminist therapy + open science

Dismantle Sanism. On May 17, 2023, I will be holding a free digital workshop on sanism at the Medical School Hamburg. Sign up, drop in, and join the discussion on how we can make therapy and research more sensitive to discrimination. Read more →

screenshot of the scientific article | Screenshot des wissenschaftlichen Artikels

knowledge equity + open science

Towards feminist research practices. Felicitas Kruschick and I just published our scientific article on knowledge equity and Open Science. The publication is part of the RIO special issue Bootstrapping the Open Science culture enabled by the Open Science Fellows Program by Wikimedia Germany. And of course, it’s Open Access. Read more →

A screenshot of the scientif article | Ein Screenshot des wissenschaftlichen Artikels

open editors

Make things open, it makes them better. We just published our scientific article addressing diversity of editorial boards in social science. I’m so happy about this lovely postdisciplinary collaboration with Andreas Nishikawa-Pacher and Tamara Heck within the Open Science Fellow Program by Wikimedia Germany. The name speaks for itself: It’s completely open including Open Source and Open Access. Read more →

Sharepic in which is written: 19.10.2022, Superrrr Lab, Dismantle Sanism: Creating a utopia in therapy and science, with Dr. phil. Kerstin Schoch and Lea Jungmann.

dismantle sanism

Sanism is everywhere but rarely talked about, in particular in therapy and science. This is why Lea Jungmann and I are doing this workshop for Disruption Network Lab at 19 October 2022. It‘s also a warming up for the upcoming conference MADNESS: Fighting for justice in mental health. Read more →

Cover of the journal: Graphic with black bars and white bars with black outline. JSTA is written at the bottom right.

ARTificial intelligence

Art meets IT. Thomas Gengenbach and I combined our knowledge and created this beautiful piece which now got published in the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts. The neural networks use the RizbA scale I developed and allow an efficient rating of large samples of pictorial works. Our paper is Open Access and it wouldn‘t be us, if the code wasn’t Open Source as well. So feel free to reuse. Read more →

Auf violett glitzerndem Hintergrund steht geschrieben "The art of measuring art" | On purple glittering background is written "The art of measuring art"


It’s official, I’m Dr. phil. in psychology now! You want to know what I spent my time with the last years? Here you go. My cumulative dissertation is now available as Open Access. It gives an overview of my research on an instrument for quantifying artworks on a formal pictorial level. This includes a total of 11 studies, and several publications. Read more →

Festivalposter: Eine farbige 3D Grafik über der der Titel "mental" liegt. Links oben steht "Das Kunstfestival zu Schizophrenie". Rechts unten steht "11.-18. Juni 2022".

mental – the art festival on schizophrenia

How does it feel to experience schizophrenia? The Pop-up Institute brought together eight artists with and without schizophrenia experience. Together, they created an intermedia art festival that will take place at Moritzplatz in Berlin from June 11 to 18, 2022. On display will be interactive exhibits that attempt to bring the experience of schizophrenia to life. They will be accompanied by workshops, artist talks, and performances. The accompanying educational program is especially aimed at young people aged 15 and older. Educators and teachers are invited to visit with their classes or groups free of charge. Read more →

psychometrics of art

All good things are worth waiting for and getting published. My study conducted in 2017 has now been published in the Creativity Research Journal after a few rounds of peer review. The study validated the Rating instrument for two-dimensional pictorial works (RizbA) on 880 drawings, paintings, and collages created by non-artists and non-professional artists. Spoiler: It works. Read more →

Eine Betonwand ist mit geometrischen länglichen Formen besprüht. Rechts und links davon stehen jeweils eine in Teilen flächig schwarz gemalte Betonsäule. Vor der Wand sind zwei schwarz gekleidete Personen. Die eine beugt sich rückwärts. Die andere rennt durch das Bild und ist nur unscharf abgelichtet. | A concrete wall is sprayed with geometric elongated shapes. To the right and left of it stand concrete columns painted black in parts. In front of the wall are two people dressed in black. One is bending backwards. The other runs through the picture and is only blurred photographed.

hello supporter

We are very pleased that we were able to win the Eckhard Busch Foundation as an additional supporter of our Pop-up Institute for 2022. The foundation supports our current science communication project on schizophrenia, which is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. Read more →

vor einer mit schwarz und weiß besprühten Wand sind ebenfalls schwarze und weiße Gegenstände zu einer Komposition arrangiert | in front of a wall sprayed with black and white, black and white objects are arranged into a composition

pop pop

We’ve been to Marzahn and made art. On September 5/6, 2021, one of our subprojects of the Pop-up Institute met and worked together with spray chalk, gouache, charcoal, pigments and object trouvés in a production hall that will soon be demolished. Besides two experts with schizophrenia experience as well as two artists and creative arts therapists, Nina Wesemann cinematically accompanied us. Read more →