Validation study
English version of RizbA,
a quantitative questionnaire for formal picture analysis


  • Linguistic and cultural validation of translated items
  • Implementation of an online study
  • Acquisition of a sample (n > 500) of native speaking online raters with expertise in picture analysis (e.g. art therapists, art educators, art historians, artists or students in these fields)
  • Statistical analysis (i.a. SEM)
  • Open Methodology (freely available questionnaire, open code)
  • Open Access Publication (scientific journal with IF)
  • Open Data (made available in a repository)

Are you an researcher or research institute interested in collaborating and preferably English native speaking? Please contact me.

German RizbA version, publications and material are freely available at Zenodo. You can easily find them by searching my ORCID iD 0000-0002-5797-9841. An overview on my research can be found here.

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