awareness concept for digital events

In collaboration with Lea Jungmann and within my work as a lecturer and equal opportunities representant at the HKS – University of applied sciences and arts in Ottersberg, I just created an awareness concept for digital events. It contains recommendations regarding awareness persons, safer space breakout rooms, neo-/pronouns, terms to be used and more.

what’s awareness?

Awareness means consciousness and attentiveness. It is about an appreciative interaction with each other and about reducing discriminatory and violent conditions. The goal is to create an atmosphere that allows people to take responsibility for themselves and for each other, that respects personal boundaries and allows everyone to feel safe. Organizers and participants develop an attitude and practice that counteracts discrimination and other violence. It should dismantle structures of inequality and exclusion ​(Initiative Awareness, 2019)​.


We actively work to create a non-discriminating and non-violent work and study environment that has no room for any racism, hate against queers, sexism, ableism, ageism, or other discrimination. Hate speech and hurtful behavior have no place with us.

In order to make digital events as safe a space as possible for all participants, we developed this concept, which is aimed at both, event organizers and participants. The concept is a recommendation by the equal opportunities office and should be regularly developed in the future in line with the discourse and best practices.


  • registration modalities
  • waiting room and admission
  • real-names
  • neo-/pronouns
  • trigger warnings
  • awareness person
  • safer space breakout rooms
  • exclusion due to offending behavior
  • suggested and discriminating terms


Schoch, K. & Jungmann, L. (2021). Awareness Konzept für digitale Veranstaltungen [Awareness concept für digital events]. Equal opportunities office HKS – University of applied sciences and arts Ottersberg.

Our concept is freely available under CC BY 4.0 license and are explicitly thought to be reused and further developed.


The concept arised successively within our reflections on the study course discrimination-critical view, which Lea and I taught together in the winter semester 2020/21, as well as our joint organization of the lecture series Forum Positions for the current summer semester at the HKS – University of applied sciences and arts in Ottersberg. I am very happy about our awesome collaboration. Thank you, Lea!

  1. Initiative Awareness, . (2019). AWARENESS – Umgang mit Diskriminierung und Gewalt bei Veranstaltungen [AWARENESS – Dealing with discrimination and violence at events]. Initiative Awareness.

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